What is Microsoft Stream

What is Microsoft Stream? How is it Changing Enterprise Video?

If you are interested in video streaming in the corporate world, you have certainly heard of Microsoft Stream, which is a part of Microsoft Office 365. You may also have heard of the newly-launched Microsoft Stream live events. However, even if the names are familiar, there are many who are unsure of what these developments mean for their organization and for the enterprise video world in general.

In this blog post, we are going to explore what Microsoft Stream live events is, how it works, and how your organization can start leveraging its live video capabilities.

What is Microsoft Stream Live Events?

First, let’s give a brief overview. At its most basic, Microsoft Stream is the intelligent video service in Microsoft Office 365. Organizations can use Microsoft Stream to stream, upload, view, and share videos securely.

Recently, Microsoft debuted live events for Microsoft Stream, which allows live streams to be securely shared by organizations. With these new live capabilities, groups that have been using Microsoft Stream to share recordings of presentations, training materials, and CEO addresses, can now engage their corporate audiences with live video.

This is very exciting news, as organizations can now use Microsoft Stream live events to live stream important company-wide announcements, or deliver live all-hands addresses by the CEO –  as they happen – knowing that the entire organization is watching simultaneously.

How Do Live Events with Microsoft Stream Work?

Live events in Microsoft Stream works as a host and gatekeeper for your live video stream, and is designed to make live streaming accessible to businesses. Stream live events is integrated with other Microsoft Office 365 offerings, which means that you can leverage other tools, like Microsoft Teams and Yammer with Stream to communicate your message.

To get started, you sign into your Microsoft Stream account and select to create a “live event.” The user interface allows you prepare the specifics for your upcoming live stream, including the title, thumbnail image, and access permissions, and provides you with a URL to share with your attendees. Microsoft Stream also enables users to configure select video encoders, like Haivision’s Makito and KB video encoder series, within the application. You will even be able to preview your video stream before allowing it to go live to your audience.

If you are interested in more detailed instructions on how to set up a live event with Microsoft Stream, please visit their website for a step-by-step guide.

How Can I Leverage Microsoft Stream Live Events?

Live events in Microsoft Stream are a fantastic way for enterprises to connect with their employees using live video. It combines the advantages of video streaming with the familiarity of the Microsoft environment. Microsoft Stream live events can be used for your next all-hands meeting, CEO address, or any other internal announcement to be shared live, across different locations.

The Microsoft team designed Stream live events to be an easy entry to live video streaming. This is why they have teamed up with partners like Haivision, whose Makito and KB series of video encoders are ready and certified for easy setup within Microsoft Stream.

Would you like to learn more about getting started with live video streaming for your organization? Read our blog post, “3 Questions Your IT Department Must Answer Before a Live Stream.”

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