Haivision Hub 360

An easy-to-use cloud solution for remotely managing devices, users, and all available video sources and destinations over cellular and IP networks.

Stream Live Video from the Field to Production.

Haivision Hub 360 is a scalable cloud solution for remotely managing video devices, users, and destinations. Live video sources can be assigned from transmitters, encoders, and mobile apps over cellular and IP networks to any Haivision StreamHub receiver, on-premise or in the cloud.

Unified Appliance Management

Easy Video Routing

Manage all Destinations

Grid View Master Control

Configure, Control, and Manage All Field Units

Remotely control and monitor mobile transmitters and encoders all from a single browser interface. Set device configurations such as picture settings, resolutions, and choice of codec. Start and stop a live video stream and provide return feeds and IFB audio to remote talent and camera operators.

Route Low Latency Live Video over any Network

Hub 360 features an intuitive web UI enabling you to drag and drop video sources to pre-defined destination routes. Easily route live video and centrally manage your live video production workflows from anywhere.

Manage All StreamHub Receivers and Destinations

Configure and control all your Haivision StreamHub receivers, on-premises and in the cloud, from a single browser window. Assign incoming video sources to IP, SDI, NDI, and ST 2110 outputs. Instantly spin-up a pay-as-you-go StreamHub in the cloud for protocol conversion and transcoding.

Master Control Grid View for Confidence Monitoring

Virtual control room experience with scalable source to destination mapping from a centralized view. Video thumbnails and statistics from Haivision mobile transmitters and Makito video encoder sources.

Product Specifications

Stryke Lightning

Up to 4 x 4K outputs
Up to 4 x 4K physical inputs

Scalabale Mobile Display

Up to 12 x 4K outputs
Up to 16 x physical inputs

Take the Virtual Tour

Get a virtual look at an operations center with this interactive 3D model. See for yourself how our comprehensive video wall solution provides real-time situational awareness to inform mission and business-critical decisions.

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