Video Technology for Public Safety

Where real-time situational awareness matters, Haivision solutions deliver. From video streaming solutions to video wall ecosystems, our high-performance video technology ensures public safety insight and decision-making around the clock.

Powerful Visual Intelligence for Critical Situations

Haivision is a recognized leader in helping municipal and local public safety teams create a common operating picture for visual intelligence. With Haivision technology in place police, fire, transportation, and emergency first responders gain real-time situational awareness and can react quickly to urgent situations faster than ever before.

Operation Centers

Solutions That Drive Situational Awareness

operation centers

Designed for public safety operation centers that require real-time situational awareness, Haivision video wall systems offer both reliable and resilient capabilities. At the heart of Haivision’s solution is Haivision Command 360, an intuitive video wall software platform that works in tandem with purpose-built hardware to display content from any source in real-time on a high-definition video wall.

Haivision technology helps public safety teams monitor major incident reporting, traffic, crowd activity for large-scale events, and collaborate with other local agencies when needed in:

  • Real-Time Crime Centers ​
  • Transportation Management Centers​
  • Emergency Operations Centers​
  • Emergency Dispatch Centers

Real-Time Video

High Quality Video for Emergency Response

ISR solutions

Haivision’s real-time video and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) solutions stream critical video captured from all types of platforms including drones, helicopters, body-worn cameras, and land vehicles to provide public safety agencies with essential situational awareness to make informed decisions and respond quickly to urgent situations as they develop.


Haivision Command 360>

Where intuitive control meets decisive situational awareness. Most importantly, Haivision Command 360 drives organizational intelligence and facilitates collaboration in public safety operation centers.

Haivision Makito X4 Series>

High-performance video encoders and decoders allow teams to deliver real-time, low-latency full-motion video (FMV) and KLV metadata regardless of network constraints.

Makito X1 Rugged Video Encoder>

Ultra-compact, ruggedized and portable HEVC and H.264 Iow-latency video encoder.

Cleveland Department of Public Safety
Emergency Operations Center

Learn how the City of Cleveland's Emergency Operations Center supports effective collaboration during major events through real-time visualization.


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Video Wall Technology for Operation and Command Centers>

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Expand Your Operation Center's
Critical Visualization Capabilities