Live Video Contribution Solutions

Ultra Low Latency Video Encoders & Transmitters

With a full range of award-winning encoders, transmitters, receivers, etc perfectly suited for the most demanding live sporting events, news, etc. …great broadcasts start with Haivision.

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Makito X4>

Quad-HD, 4K UHD and HDR ultra-low encoding in HEVC and H.264 and reliable streaming over IP.

Haivision Pro >

The most reliable 4K/UHD & multi HD mobile transmitter

Haivision Rack >

Premium 4K UHD & Multi-HD encoder

Haivision Air>

Advanced ultra-compact HEVC mobile transmitter

Haivision MoJoPro>

iOS & Android™ live video applications

Haivision StreamHub>

Advanced receiver & distribution platform

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How Haivision Solutions Powered International Sports Broadcasting’s Coverage of the 2022 World Games

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