An end-to-end video wall system includes a combination of hardware and software components based on your organization’s environment and use case.


Control your devices and manage source content with a browser-based interface that’s easy to use. Establish a common operating picture across your organization to inform mission and business-critical decisions.

Command 360 video wall software
Alpha FX Elite Collage

Alpha FX Video Processors

Capture and route content from nearly any source, including workstations, IP cameras, and media players. Arrange, scale, and adjust your content in real time to control how it’s displayed.

CineLink 4k Collage

CineLink Encoders and Decoders

Create a flexible AV/IP system on your existing network, so you can share and display large volumes of video content without sacrificing quality.

CineAgent Server

CineAgent Server

Stream large amounts of web, virtual, or locally installed content directly to your video wall while freeing up processing power to connect to multiple sources.


Tour our virtual operations center – an interactive 3D model that demonstrates how our video wall technology provides real-time situational awareness for operation and command centers.

Learn More About Video Walls and Expand your Knowledge through Visual Technology 101


Cleveland Department of Public Safety Emergency Operations Center>

The City of Cleveland Emergency Operations Center uses Haivision video wall technology to respond to incidents faster and facilitate real-time collaboration and monitoring of public safety.

Legato Security SOC>

Enterprise cybersecurity firm Legato Security, utilizes a Haivision video wall system to aid in monitoring client data and network traffic, and provide situational awareness to help actively mitigate security events.

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