Increasing citizen access to government meetings through automation with Haivision.


With transparency in mind, it was important to ensure public access to governmental sessions. South Dakota Public Broadcasting (SDPB) needed a solution that could stream live video content from anywhere using the public internet, publish the meetings live and on-demand online, and guarantee a local backup of the entire meeting, in the event of a complete network failure.

Satisfy government IT regulations

SDPB had also been struggling to keep up with the massive amount of content going online, and thus needed an automated, simple to operate, and powerful video solution to stream and manage their online publishing and satisfy government IT regulations and procedures.

“We had searched extensively for a solution that could help us automate the broadcasting of open meetings online. Haivision was a natural fit.”

SeVern AshesDirector of Engineering and Operations - SDBP

Guarantee local backups

SDPB is now using Haivision’s Makito X with Storage encoders as the ultimate safeguard to guarantee local backups of open meetings.

With Haivison’s SRT technology, SDPB is able to stream live, open meetings from any location using the public internet.

Schedule live events

Using Haivision’s KB internet streaming cloud transcoder, the Haivision Video Cloud and Scheduler tool, SDPB can easily schedule video streams of live events, automatically publish live and on-demand meetings online, and create simulated-live broadcast channel experiences to play out at specific times throughout the day or continuously 24/7.

Solution components

Makito X with Storage
– KB Encoder/Transcoder
– Haivision Video Cloud
SRT Technology

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Double the content

SDPB not only streams live, full coverage of State Legislature meetings but it also streams sanctioned sports events for local schools and other state-run organizations.

Since implementation, SDPB has streamed more than 80,000 hours of video to more than 60,000 viewers worldwide.

Automated publishing and archiving

With Haivision’s solution, SDPB has been able to expand its coverage and simplify their publishing and archiving workflows through automation, enabling them to double the amount of content published online, while keeping the same manpower.

About South Dakota Public Broadcasting

South Dakota Public Broadcasting is a statewide public broadcasting network that offers full coverage of meetings held by the State Legislature and 128 organizations of the South Dakota Boards and Commissions.

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